—–>Maret 2008 = La Nina lemah…


Informasi resmi dari pihak berwenang Indonesia (BMG) menyatakan demikian. melalui kepalanya langsung, BMG memprediksi curah hujan akan normal atau sedikit diatas normal hingga bulan maret 2008. (pikiran rakyat)

sementara rilis dari BoM menyatakan:

  1. A mature La Niña event is in progress.
  2. Negative SST anomalies persist along much of the equatorial Pacific
  3. Negative sub-surface anomalies remain in the eastern Pacific. Warm sub-surface anomalies in the west have shown little if any eastward propagation.
  4. The February SOI was +21, the highest on record for this month.
  5. Trade Winds have been stronger than average across the central to western equatorial Pacific.
  6. Cloudiness near the date-line has been very much below average in recent months.
  7. All the dynamic computer models predict La Niña conditions until at least the end of the southern autumn

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