satu bulan kedepan, iklim Indonesia relatif normal


rilis BoM mengenai Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) –yang notabene sering mengacaukan kondisi iklim Indonesia dari kondisi normalnya-menyatakan sebagai berikut:

  • The La Niña has weakened to neutral conditions.
  • Weak negative SST anomalies remain in the central to west Pacific. There are weak positive anomalies in the eastern Pacific.
  • Warm sub-surface anomalies lie along much of the thermocline on the equator.
  • The SOI is on a downward trend but remains positive at +5.
  • Trade Winds remain stronger than average across the central to western equatorial Pacific, but are weaker in the east.
  • Cloudiness near the date-line has been very much below average in recent months.
  • All the dynamic computer models predict neutral conditions to remain in the eastern to central Pacific in the coming months.

dari grafik nilai SOI juga terlihat bahwa sebulan mendatang (bahkan hingga juli), Iklim disekitar Indonesia diprediksi kondusif.

nilai positif menunjukan peluang La-Nina (basah) dan nilai negatif menunjukan peluang El-Nino (kering)


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